Nissan Z Proto exterior promo shot with yellow paint color driving on a country highway road

Introducing the Nissan Z Proto!

Nissan Z Proto Sports Car Debut and Overview

The Nissan brand has unveiled the Nissan Z Proto, a prototype of the reborn Nissan Z sports car that signals that the company has a strong interest in reviving the nameplate, model, and lineup. For now, however, let’s take a look at this new prototype. From Nissan of Nanaimo, here’s our model overview, taking a look at the design, dimensions, engine specs, release date, and more, concerning the Nissan Z Proto!

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What’s Included in the 2021 Nissan GT-R Track Edition?

The standard Nissan GT-R model is a hallmark in the field of luxury, performance, and style. However, the Nissan brand offers its customers even more with the available Track Edition trim level. So, what’s all included in the Nissan GT-R Track Edition model? We find out today here at Nissan of Nanaimo. We’ll take a look at the specs, features, pricing, and more, concerning the 2021 Nissan GT-R Track Edition!

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a car delivery salesman handing over the car keys to a new vehicle owner

Nissan of Nanaimo Offers Free Vehicle Delivery Services

Landsperg Auto Group Sites Offer Delivery Throughout Western Canada

Nissan of Nanaimo, and all other Landsperg Auto Group (LAG) sites, offers free vehicle delivery services to locations across Western Canada. With over 1500 vehicles in stock across all locations, there are plenty of options for choose from with the Landsperg Auto Group. Want to take advantage of free vehicle delivery at Nissan of Nanaimo? Let’s take a look at the many automotive opportunities available at our location in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

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Nissan Ariya all-electric crossover model exterior overhead shot premiere debut promo shot parked on an empty wet lot with a brown tan beige color

What are the Colour Options of the 2022 Nissan Ariya EV?

2022 Nissan Ariya Paint Colour Options

Last week, we saw the introduction of the upcoming Nissan Ariya all-electric crossover SUV model, something Nissan is surely betting big on for their success in the future. The 2022 Nissan Ariya model won’t be released until 2021, meaning a lot of its information is still under wraps to the public, including pricing and electric efficiency in terms of kilometres per litre. However, Nissan has already granted the public a sneak peek at the upcoming colours of their new electric vehicle. Here are the exterior paint colour options of the 2022 Nissan Ariya!

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Nissan Ariya all-electric crossover model exterior shot premiere debut promo shot parked on an empty lot with a brown tan beige color

Introducing the Nissan Ariya Crossover SUV EV!

Nissan Ariya All-Electric Crossover Design, Specs, and Features Overview

The Nissan Motor Corporation has just held a worldwide debut for the Nissan Ariya. The Nissan Ariya is a brand-new and all-electric crossover SUV model, offering a new level and design of power, convenience, and safety technologies. So, let’s take today to examine this new Nissan model. Here are the design features, dimensions, engine specs, and more, concerning the new Nissan Ariya EV!

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2021 Nissan Rogue exterior shot with grey metallic paint color parked on a stone tile road outside of a hotel entrance

How Safe is the 2021 Nissan Rogue?

2021 Nissan Rogue Safety Features and Technologies

The all-new 2021 Nissan Rogue model was recently unveiled to the public. With its debut, its makers lauded the new design elements, updated features, and improved power of the 2021 Nissan Rogue, among other highlights. Today, we’d like to focus on one particular element of the new Nissan Rogue model, that being its driver-assistance and safety inclusions. Today, here at Nissan of Nanaimo, we’ll take a look at the driver-assistance and safety features and technologies of the 2021 Nissan Rogue crossover SUV! 

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2020 Nissan Qashqai interior shot of Charcoal Leather seating

What are the Seating Options for the 2020 Nissan Qashqai?

2020 Nissan Qashqai Fabric and Upholstery Options

What kind of seating options can you expect from the 2020 Nissan Qashqai crossover SUV model? With its 2 rows of up to 5 total seating, what kind of comfort material does the latest Qashqai offer to its driver and passengers? Today, we’ll check for cloth, vinyl, leatherette, leather, and more here at the Nissan of Nanaimo dealership. Here are the fabric and seating upholstery options of the 2020 Nissan Qashqai compact crossover SUV!

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